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Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes

What could be a better occasion than Thanksgiving Day Wishes 2020 to express your gratitude towards your loved ones? Tell your family, friends, and your colleagues that how their presence in your life is appreciated and you are forever grateful to have them by your side. Here are some sweet thanksgiving wishes which you can use to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces!

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes/Messages for Family

Writing Thanksgiving messages for your family is always a difficult task. These messages cannot lack a personal touch and should be crafted with utmost affection for your family members. Our family is our rock-solid support system and often we fail to acknowledge the efforts they take for us.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Mother

2020 thanksgiving day wishes for mother

Happy Thanksgiving Mother Dear! I love you.

Happy Thanksgiving to the most beautiful, passionate, and loving mother in this entire world.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Mom! I will forever be thankful to the Almighty for giving me the privilege of being your daughter/son.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you my lovely lady! Please bear with this mess that you have created. I love you and I am forever indebted for the love and nurturing that you shower on us daily.

Dear Mother, you are truly the matriarch of our family. You are that cord that connects us all together. I may not be thankful enough for the delicious meals that you make every day but I want to remind you that you are the best mother in this world and I cannot thank you enough for that. Happy Thanksgiving Mom!

Mom, you are that pedestal upon which our family rests. I know I sometimes fail to recognize the efforts you take for me. I know I hurt you, even though unintentionally but you take it all maintaining your charming poise and calm. Mom, you are all that I have got and I cannot thank you enough for the countless times you have put me behind me your back. Happy Thanksgiving my Wonder Woman!

Thank you, Mum, for being my best friend. You have seen me at my lowest and you helped me seek positivity with your boundless love. You listened to my littlest worries with the same earnestness and made sure I would always have your back. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Mother, you have always pushed me to pursue my passion. I did not believe in myself but your undeterred faith kept me going. Whatever success I have achieved I owe it all to you. Thank you for being my mother, my best friend, my guide, and my number one supporter. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Father

thanksgiving day 2020 wishes for father

Happy Thanksgiving to my Superman! I love you dad.

Happy Thanksgiving to the most hardworking, loving, and best father in the entire world.

Dad, I know we don’t spend enough time together but this Thanksgiving, I want to change that. I want to strengthen our bond and I want to make you realize how grateful I am to be your son/daughter. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Dad, you work so hard, day-in and day-out to fulfill my demands. Even though your efforts are unseen, I do realize them. Even though you do not express your love in words, your actions suffice to do that. Thank you, dad, for this comfortable life that I am living in. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Dad, you are full of love and you always have been a giver. You always are ready to provide a helping hand to the one in need and I learn every day from you. You are my role model daddy and I have become a better version of myself just by following your footsteps. Thank you, dad, for showing me the importance of moral values, you are the best.

Dear Dad, you are my greatest supporter. You have never failed to make me realize my true potential. Sometimes you say things that you don’t mean but I know you only want the best for me. You constantly push me to achieve higher goals and help me succeed. Thank you for being the greatest guide one could ask for! Happy Thanksgiving.

Dad, I always found a friend in you. You are always so accepting and you never doubted a single decision I made. You corrected me like a true friend when I went wrong and lifted my spirits during bad times. Dad, you are my true hero and even if I don’t say it more often, I love you! Happy thanksgiving. Dear Daddy,

you are a true family man and you never let any of us down. When I look at you, I see a composed man who is dedicated to his family and his work. The concern in your eyes is so evident that you would cross any lines to keep us safe. Thank you for giving us your unconditional love and being the super dad that you are! Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Sister and Brother

Happy Thanksgiving, to my little monster sister/brother.

Dear Sister/Brother, thank you for being my personal therapist and making me smile on those tough days. You radiate positivity wherever you go and your heart is beautiful. There are literally a handful of selfless people like you. Happy Thanksgiving sweet sibling!

Dear Sister, I know you and I haven’t developed a strong sibling-bond as of now. But on this Thanksgiving, I want to change this scenario and I want to be your friend. I would love to be a part of your life and be there for you whenever needed. I know it’s too late for me to ask so but I want you to realize that your big brother isn’t as bad as he seems. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dear Sis, thank you for teaching me valuable lessons of life which I probably couldn’t have learned anywhere else. Because of you, I realized the daily-life struggles women have to go through and how I could minimize them. You guided me to be a better man and made me realize where I went wrong. You are my teacher and the best sister anyone could ask for. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dear Brother, to be honest, you are the most annoying person I have ever come across. But I keep up with your annoyance because I am your little sister. If possible, stop bullying me and filming me while sleeping. Thank you for being supportive and being there for me always. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Relatives

May you be blessed with abundant positivity and happiness, not only on this Thanksgiving but for your entire lifetime. Happy Thanksgiving.

I wish you have a plentiful Thanksgiving, a holiday season full of joy and laughter, and a very Happy New Year.

Hoping that this Thanksgiving would bring you and your family abundant joy and light and may the Lord bless you all with good health and prosperity.

A special greeting on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day to appreciate your efforts and constant support throughout. Our greatest regards to your family and we wish you have a happy and plentiful Thanksgiving.

It gives me immense pleasure to express my gratitude towards you on this festivity. Thanksgiving is all about being together and celebrating with your loved ones this joyous holiday. Even though we aren’t together, remember that you are always in my prayers. Thank you for helping us during our hard times. Happy Thanksgiving.

Life isn’t always full of giggles and laughter, it can be really harsh. But with people like you, who with their strong belief and assistance make it bearable. Thank you for your persistent faith and love. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

It’s not only on the occasion of Thanksgiving that we should pause and count our blessings. We must express our appreciation for our loved ones every day and make them happy. Seeing them happy automatically gives us joy. I pray to the great Almighty to keep your family safe and healthy. Happy Thanksgiving.

May you enjoy a delicious turkey, and juicy potatoes! May your stomach plump with yummy pies and confectionaries! And may the Lord bless you and your family with happiness and lovely memories. Happy Thanksgiving.

November is the time to stop and appreciate the people in your life. It is the month of joy and celebrations. So I want to take this moment and express my regards to you for being in my life and enriching it. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving dinner is set on the table, the pie is waiting to be devoured, but the only thing that is missing here is you and the unforgettable memories that we could have shared. Happy Thanksgiving, I miss you and your radiant laughter.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Friends

I did not have close friends for a very long period in my life but then I met you and I realized how friendship plays an important role in any individual’s life. Thank you for making me believe that friendship is not overrated and friends really are an essential part of one’s life. Happy Thanksgiving friend!

Happy Thanksgiving to my best friend who never fails to amazes me with his/her stupidity. You are so weird that only I am fully capable of understanding your lameness. Thank you for making me cry with laughter.

Hey amigo, I hope this greeting from a long-lost friend puts a smile on your face. Thanksgiving is full of appreciation and I want to take this moment to appreciate the loving personality that you are.  I pray for your good health and wellbeing. Keep smiling.

I still remember the times when we spent Thanksgiving together. But our lives took different directions and unfortunately we couldn’t celebrate this day laughing with each other. I am blessed to have a friend like you who is always there to support me throughout the highs and lows of life. I miss you, buddy. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hostel life can be pretty tough for an international student, but you made it so easy for me. Since the beginning of my journey here, you have helped me with the most trivial things and accompanied me through my struggles. I definitely missed my family but you treated me like your small sister and made my homesickness vanish. No amount of appreciation is enough for a person like you. Thank you so much for being there for me. Happy Thanksgiving.

You are my brother from another mother and we are buddies for life. You have helped me through my darkest days and believed in me. Happy Thanksgiving bro!

Hey best friend, in you I found a soul-sister. I never thought what first seemed to be a cold and arrogant lady would ever be my number one amigo. I know I will always have your back and a shoulder to cry on which will never be tired of my sob stories. Thank you for illuminating my life with your presence. Happy Thanksgiving.

 Only real friends are caring enough to rectify their friend’s mistakes and you have always done that in my case. You never ceased to make me aware of my blunders and how these little errors could affect the people around me. Your genuineness is noteworthy and your efforts to better people around you leave me in awe. Thank you for your continuous support and love. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey there my best bud! If I try to recollect the number of times we have argued and laughed over it the next day, I would definitely lose count. Such is our friendship, full of futile arguments, the unnecessary rage but also the strong brotherhood that we choose over silly quarrels. The one thing that we both kept going is our friendship and I am happy to have a friend like you.  You are my go-to resort and the one I could call for help at any time of the day. Thank you for always quarreling with me and strengthening this bond that we share. Happy Thanksgiving, buddy.

Friends are like family and you are the living evidence of it. I cannot explain how valuable this friendship is for me but I want to thank you for the amazing friend you have been. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Colleagues

Working with you has always been fun, thank you for being a great colleague. Happy Thanksgiving.

You are the reason why office hours are bearable enough for me. Thank you for making me laugh with your lame jokes. You are the best colleague. Happy thanksgiving.

From taking incessant coffee breaks to engaging in endless gossips, you are the best office mate one could ever have. Thank you for being a great co-worker and a supportive friend. Happy Thanksgiving.

Working with you has always been so inspiring and motivating. You always introduce me to new things and your knowledge is commendable. You are very patient with everybody and I admire your ethics. Thank you for being an amazing co-worker. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

This occasion exclusively allows me to express my gratitude towards you; for all the hard work you do every day. Happy Thanksgiving, you really have immense potential and I hope you achieve huge goals.

I am blessed enough to learn from such an expert every day. Your caliber amazes me and I want to keep learning and growing under your mentorship. This valuable experience will allow me to achieve higher goals and also develop my personality. Thank you for being an incredible teacher.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Monday Blues never existed for me because of such fun colleagues like you. You have always supported me during my toughest times and motivated me to achieve my targets. Thank you for your priceless assistance. Happy Thanksgiving.

If the workplace is free and happy then working automatically becomes fun. Your energetic and radiant personality fills the office with positivity. Thank you for your positive energy, keep shining. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes for Everybody in General

On this Thanksgiving cherish the togetherness of your family and appreciate them for being there always.

Even if we are miles apart, I hope the heartfelt wishes of Thanksgiving reach from my family to yours.

November is the month of counting your blessings, celebrating the wonderful and joyous occasion of Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

 May this Thanksgiving bring you and your family happiness and joy and keep you away from any shortcomings.

On Thanksgiving, we all gather together to rejoice in the company of our loved ones and celebrate life which is glorious with their presence. Wish you a lovely, Thanksgiving.

From this comprehensive list, pick any Thanksgiving Day 2020 Wishes that you feel are relatable enough and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.